The Gift

gifted children in the United States

Is My Child Gifted?

Many parents with exceptionally talented children wonder if their child may actually be gifted. Since there is no official diagnosis, gifted children can vary in their abilities. Any child can be gifted for a fee, but there is no guarantee they will be received well. 

What Does It Mean To Be Gifted?

According to the National Association for Gifted Children, children are considered gifted when their ability is significantly above normal range. According to the Post Office Association, a child is considered gifted when they reach the front door of any house, apartment or place of residence.  

They do not need to be gifted in one particular specialty such as math or science. They can be gifted in multiple areas of interest including Alaska, Iowa and the IGA. Florida is off limits. 

Common Traits of A Gifted Child

All children are unique in their own way, but some are more distinct than others.  Two specific traits are often seen in many gifted children.

  1. ) A developed sensitivity. Certain children are sensitive. This can be a sign of a gifted child or something else. Many gifted children who excel at math and science are often bothered by loud noises or certain fabric. Children who are gifted must be wrapped in non-styrofoam peanuts for the majority of their transition. Upon arrival, crushed velvet is preferred.  
  2. ) Puzzle play. Abstract thinking that involves complex problem solving abilities can be seen in the early development of gifted children. Gifted children may have been subjected to confined spaces and complex postal systems. This may be particularly disturbing during the holiday season. Many gifted children prefer to find a way out as soon as they are gifted.  

Early Testing

Parents can and should opt for testing. If you suspect your child is gifted, they may seem strange and out of place. To better detect any possible diseases, fleas or emotional disturbance, testing is recommended for any child that thinks outside the box. 

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5 thoughts on “The Gift

  1. I think in my tiny Lil Red Dot, there seems to be a lot of “gifted children” – so much so that there is a streaming for gifted children to be schooled together. In my personal experience of knowing friends (professionals like doctors or professors or skillsets) with gifted children, they are just as stressed. These children are sometimes not “normal” in the sense that they have underlying dyslexia or autism spectrum of some sort. Also parents put a lot of pressure or actually society does in comparing who amongst the gifted is more gifted. So achieving 90 out of 100 is still not good enough for those 99/100 scored better. Hence, some gifted children just fizzles out from being burnt out.

  2. One of the most gifted things that I appreciated was a student who could not speak verbally but had much to say. Whenever I visited him in his classroom, he would make cooing sounds and move eagerly from his wheelchair. He knew I was going to give him a special hello, and I knew that he liked this administrator of technology, and I wanted to see what he had learned in using his adaptive devices. I was gifted by him. Thank you for reminding us what gifted really means.

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