The 4 keys to remember

1.) Stay clean.  A little oil is not such a bad thing, but when you start to feel like a grease ball, you know it’s time to clean up your act. Those sentences that fly out of you in anger are to be kept to a bare minimum. Swear words are not pretty and dirt is for the ground, not the computer.

2.) Don’t stick. As clingy as you are to the person who spends the most time with you, recognize they are not the only one. There are many people out there and clinging to them only makes you seem needy and out of touch.

3.) Let people press your buttons. There is nothing you can not overcome. Getting used to the provocative and sometimes unnecessary will only make you stronger.

4.) Stand tall. If you slouch, you will remain the underdog being forever pounded upon by others.


How to be a successful light bulb in 5 easy steps

1. Don’t be too bright. No one likes a show off. 

Those opinions about how to solve the Great Recession? Save them for later or don’t say them at all.

2. Be sturdy. 

Did Pussy Riot cave under pressure? No. And neither should you. Are you too fragile to take any criticism? Will you crack under pressure? If so, you do not belong in any lamp.

3. Unless your owner is depressed, try to stay out of the light boxes. 

Getting involved in emotional lighting is exhausting and may zap your bulb.

4. Be warm, not hot. 

This is not the MTV music awards. No need to sizzle any fingers off.

5. Don’t be embarrassed. 

Chris Christie is not your leader, don’t follow his feelings. Getting red in the face may look like an artistic and interesting mood enhancement, but it’s not useful.