The Toys


Photo by Luke Bultman

“Look!” Red Feather pointed his gun toward the puppy. “There it is!”

His trusty friend raised the mighty sword as if to try and slice the dog down.

“Wait!” Red Feather said suddenly.

The puppy was just the latest distraction for the boy. There was a time with the boy would do nothing but play with his toys all afternoon. They would go on adventures through the most daring of seas and fight the most dangerous of pirates and they survived in the most heroic of ways. Sometimes there were furry stuffed sharks involved, other times it was a rubber dinosaur. Lately the enemy seemed to be time.

He spent hours bent over his books and homework. When he finally looked up, he was too tired to pull Red Feather’s boat off the shelf. Instead, he would gaze into his computer screen and type at a lightening fast speed. It wasn’t just the computer that hijacked our time together. It was the television, the phone, and the video games. One afternoon when even the pirates were looking bored, his mother burst into his room with a yapping beast that bounded happily onto his bed.

“I think you need something to keep you off of all that technology,” she said with her hands on her hips, grinning knowingly at the boy.

But what about us? I looked around the room at the new posters that mapped out his experience of middle school. An unframed poster of The Misfits was tacked up alongside the clown shaped lamp. A photograph of his family wearing identical Red Sox caps was replaced by a group of gangly twelve year olds grinning into the camera.

“This beast is too big for us.”

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