The Office Chair


Dear Office Chair,

We’ve been together a long time now, but I’m afraid I’m going to have to call it quits. When we first met, I was young, flexible, and could handle anything. Even your rigidity.

When we touched, you were like ice. Cold and sturdy, you never caved. At first I thought your solidity was key to our success, but then something happened. I became restless.

My weight was too much for you and I could feel it. When I begged for comfort, you refused. You held fast to your position, making it clear that you would not budge. You would not cradle my body in your non-existent arms. You would not soften my aches and pains.

Last week, I met someone new. Someone who was both sturdy and supportive. You were my first and I will always remember you, but sadly, you are not my last.


17 thoughts on “The Office Chair

  1. Dear Employee,
    This new chair in your life is just temporary. He’s no match for me. I promise you that you will regret leaving me. We had something special. Remember that chair that disappeared from your office. I know I said that I wasn’t responsible. But he just looked at you the wrong way. I’m telling you that you don’t want to replace me. We’re a perfect couple.
    Your Chair for life.

  2. I hate giving up old clothes, old refrigerators, old cars. But honestly, until I read this delightful post I had never thought of having to part with my office chair. It will be a sad day.

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