The Headphones



Dear Head Phones,

Some people find your personality distasteful. You’re loud. You’re raucous. You block out all others in a desperate attempt to be heard. All of these qualities however, are the ones that make me love you even more than I thought I could.

I remember our first time together. Your frame was bent like a hardened anorexic. Little puffs of black fuzz rested on either side of you, covering my ears from sharp undertones. Together we listened to The Supremes at full volume for an hour and a half. You Can’t Hurry Love made no sense.

Over the years you transformed. Your geriatric curves now bend from opposite directions. Plugs attach themselves to the ends of long skinny cords.  Your body sways and the music bends, but you’re still just the same.

May I never wear you out,

Your other half




12 thoughts on “The Headphones

  1. I love headphones too. These days I rock a pair of Beats (by Dr Dre) noise cancelling ones. Great for listening to my music or taking a call.

  2. Don’t know what I’d do without mine! Just gone back to headphones from inner earphones. I don’t know why I swapped! The sound is so much better and the cut the noisy chatter of the surrounding world!

  3. You know I don’t have any headphones! Or maybe I got some free ones that came with my Iphone but I never use them. I like listening to the radio on my phone but I just listen with the speaker up. It’s only in my home or car so doesn’t disturb anyone. Actually I desperately need a hands free set for my car so maybe you blog post will jog me into buying one!

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