The Trinket



Dear Traveler,

I know how you feel, and yes, you’ve come to the right place. I can tell the kind of person you are because of the way you feel. Your wandering energy seems listless, but I know you’re searching. You want things to make sense. You’re tired of the prison your life has become. I understand. I know.

You may be wearing the same clothes as everyone else, but the colors and textures of your mind betray you. You’re different. You’re beautiful in a way that is so unique, no one else could understand the complexities of your life. You doubt yourself. You doubt your future. You don’t doubt the transition forward.

You see me hanging in a Chinatown shop on your way to somewhere else. Thousands of gold painted coins with symbols you can’t understand sit in the bowl below me. Every one of them is one in the same. You want something else.

When you first picked me up, I felt the fingertips of a person who has experienced more. You’ve seen things no one else can describe. Your emotions run deeper. Your expression flows wider.

You need me because just like you, we are both the same. We are special. Like everyone else, we know.



Your gift

15 thoughts on “The Trinket

  1. Well done.

    Took the granddaughters to Chinatown in S.F. last weekend. They both got a trinket and yes, they were both strangely silent for a while afterwards.


  2. That was touching! Trinkets have always seemed so mysterious to me. A set of them have hung for over a decade by the clasp of my rear-view mirror. They have watched me driving for all those years.

  3. Nice one. Well written! Really comes together very well. I just found your blog, could you perhaps point me to some of your proudest pieces? Would love to read more but I don’t have the time to go through all of them as you’ve written quite a lot.

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