The MP3 Player

My friend gave it to me 18 years ago and it hasn’t failed me once. 

The songs cannot be organized into folders and are listed in alphabetical order. The Chemical Brothers and one Mazzy Star song came preloaded as a surprise. I’ve heard them too many times now, but I can’t ever seem to delete them. Like that one Rick Astley song that was once a daily joke, these are the voices committed to memory.  

People sometimes ask me if I plan on getting an ipod. Or using a smartphone. Or upgrading to a newer model. But if it works, it works.


13 thoughts on “The MP3 Player

  1. I think I had about the same MP3 player, Mine would shuffle but that’s it. I hear you about keeping something that works, but moving to Spotify on my phone has opened a whole new world of music for me. (Except, of course, Neil Young. Grrr.)

  2. perhaps but i prefer cd s. wish the cassette too had surivived. no apps. no sunglasses
    no backpacks
    no flip flops tank tops
    or cut offs
    old school
    old fool
    and mean as fuck
    happy frigginnew years

  3. Right you are. My MP3 is permanently plugged into my car and is my back-up when my phone isn’t connecting or if I don’t want to use data. Plus, it’s packed with great songs!

  4. There’s something special about having a piece of technology that’s been a constant companion for so many years. The fact that it still works is a testament to its quality and durability. And even though it may not have all the features of newer models, it holds sentimental value and a certain nostalgia that can’t be replaced.

  5. I think I read somewhere Apple stopped supporting the earliest versions of the iPod.

    Personally, I use my smart phone now, but I do have an old style MP3 player that I will still use from time to time.

    In many ways, I do prefer that because I can choose what music I’m going to put on it. I would either download the music myself or rip songs from a CD into the MP3 format. That’s how old I am.

  6. It’s funny how we can feel real affection for a lump of machined plastic and metal but there it is. Machines are a novel thing and our hunter/gatherer minds handily assign them the same mental slot as that nice semi-wild dog that hangs around the campfire watching out for marauding smilodon saber-tooths. And that purring cat on the bear rug keeping the rats at bay. Our pals. Our things are our companions too and we love them when they help us.

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