The Binoculars

I once used to see what was left out of brightness. I could see the smartest concepts that passed by my window and know in a minute whether their genius was real. A bird with its prey would circle the field and beneath its beak I found the mouse. Hidden in a cocoon of detail, it was not stupid, just afraid. I saw a woman bathing a child from my neighbor’s apartment window. The child was safe in his curiosity just as I was in mine.  I saw men with briefcases turn into men with messenger bags. I saw pigeons on a mission and stories that floated from sky scrapers.  Now my lenses are smudged with a tint of nostalgia. I look out on visions passing by, but I only see my memories.


Photo by Linda Daunter

4 thoughts on “The Binoculars

  1. Good work! Very descriptive, I enjoyed this work! The only thing I want to point out I’d where you say “concepts that past by my window” I’m not sure if you meant “passed” or if you were trying to reference the “past” in this line. Anyways, good piece, thanks for sharing! Are you on Twitter?

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