3 things to remember about your fire alarm

fire alarm

Photograph by Tom Haynes at: http://www.tnhaynes.wordpress.com

3 things to understand about your fire alarm

  1. Some things need more attention than others. When your alarm screams and flashes at you for seemingly no reason at all, it just needs the knowledge that you understand. You are the fire alarms whole life.
  2. Fire alarms are sensitive. Sometimes when they go off, it can seem like over kill. To the fire alarm, even the most innocuous threat seems real. It’s best to go back to #1 and pay attention to the fire alarm’s needs.
  3. Fire alarms will die for you. They take their job more seriously than anything else in their life. Although they may have their quirks and annoyances, they are first and foremost, your hero.

6 thoughts on “3 things to remember about your fire alarm

  1. I’m a volunteer firefighter, so I can’t resist adding: false alarms are sometimes caused by dust or spider webs. Don’t curse your alarm until you check it’s clean. As awordofsubstance says, it’s your hero.

  2. A love/hate relationship for sure. I always hear from mine in the middle of the night when it decides it needs more juice…admittedly I am not always paying attention to when it was last “juiced”!

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