Dear Readers,

I have published something on Skirt Collective. It’s not an object piece, but I thought I’d post it here anyway just in case you’re interested in reading. If you’d like to leave a comment I’d love to read it – but please, if you could leave it on the Skirt Collective site, that would be great. Thanks guys!

1 thought on “Transitioning

  1. My Dear Rebecca, went to the skirt site, read Your article, and would have commented there too, but for the fact that it asks me to Sign in again, which I do not want.

    You have written well, though, as others have said, ‘Running over a Child’ is a bit too Horrible. I hope they at least Stop when they do these things.

    While We can learn so many things on a Bus journey, (as in so many other situations), in India, Most of the time You do not get a Chance to Choose Your place/seat. You sit if You are lucky to get a seat or You stand, ignoring the pushing, jostling bodies!

    Hearty Regards. 🙂

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