The Horn



Horn: A sharp protrusion. A warning. A pointed optimism for victory. The sound is of a dozen defenses. Defenses from a louder brass band.

Horn: A sound the color of brass. A brassy texture of volume. Loud space funneling forward. Inward. A noise channel. A channel engulfed by the volume. The volume of something filled.

7 thoughts on “The Horn

    • Yup. It also depicts the give/take of a relationship in the context of sound. A horn can be used as a proud form of attention seeking or an alarm to warn off danger. Both are loud, but one draws you forward, while the other pushes you away.

      • Ah. Much more profound with deeper layers. Love it. To read it without any intuition, would seem random ramblings of a lost soul. But, it is more a poetry of a self-aware soul to me. The internal and external effects of one action, the many perceptions of one object. Love how you give multiple dimensions to objective metaphors!

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