The Button

“Like” used to be more optimistic. It was happy with high school reunions, weddings, and job interviews. Nestled at the bottom of something grandiose, it was a humble smile. A thumbs up for success.

“Like” made its way through family albums, 18th birthday parties, and dinners with old friends from college. “Like” was there for the video of your friend playing with the lobsters before supper. It was a funny gesture, something admirable. “Like” valued this.

But then “Like” became popular. “Like” hung out with girls in stilettos. “Like” went to see My Morning Jacket in an abandoned warehouse. “Like” started focusing on other people’s boyfriends.

Everyone wanted a Like for their party. That smiling selfie you took, gazing up at a cell phone camera with newly applied makeup? That was liked. A filter with cat eyes and pointy ears? “Like” enjoyed the stalking.

“Like” showed up to all the biggest parties.

The Halloween bash where your friend threw up all over the backseat of your mom’s car? That party was liked. The obituary of a distant relative that was met more than once? That was liked too.

“Like” became snarky. Hard edged thumbs felt more like middle fingers. That trip to Nantucket? Liked after three days. Kids dressed as NPR hosts for a costume party? Liked at 1AM.

After years of polite smiles and bouncy enthusiasm, “Like” had finally met its match.

Dislike was approaching the horizon.

24 thoughts on “The Button

  1. Cool post. I and “Like” had a falling out years ago and I’ve been waiting for “Dislike” to get its act together but just as everyone can describe a unicorn nobody has ever actually seen one. cheers

  2. I like this blog, but now I can’t ” Like it” LOL I think the ” Likes” are too easy. NMaybe one should comment or leave it.

  3. Everybody wants a ‘like’. It has become a social necessity. Really enjoyed the way your words and thoughts put this concept together. Great!

  4. a delightfully treacherous, double-fanged story…one can’t help but like it even as we realize the consequences.

  5. Beautiful and love your blogging twist.

    “Like” has gained popularity as well as notoriety. Making more friends while losing some along the way. Whoever gave birth to “Like” did not envisage all this.

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