The Wall

Two buildings, almost touching, stand next to each other on a skinny side street. They are stained with the shadow of phone lines, but the connection is lost. From the alley crack smooshed between them, a paved road separates one from the other.

7 thoughts on “The Wall

  1. Oh! I love the symbolism of this – I see it as a cherished, human relationship that has grown cold. It was a relationship close and intimate for years, but time and distance has made it grow cold.

  2. 1981 – San Jose, CA. There was a space smaller than this between Guitar Center and an office building on Second Street. Across from St. James Park. The space was lined with cardboard where homeless alcoholics slept head to toe and on top of each other. Those not fortunate enough to get a bunk in the crack or a bench in the park we rolled away from the door to get to work. Strange what a visual will call up.

  3. I’m assuming the image is your own capture and of that I will say that I think a) BfW is the first and sometimes only capture one should take as it reveals what underpins the distraction of colours. It forces the eye to study the light rather than the “scene”. Nocely done, btw. “the connection is lost”…indeed it is. Cheers!

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