Dear Cigarette

_295cigarettePhoto by Tom Haynes


Dear cigarettes,

When we first met it was like love at first sight. I still remember our late nights out on the town. Back when all we did was go out and dance and have fun everything seemed so innocent. But it couldn’t stay that way. I remember the first night you came over. We were on the porch together, gazing at the stars and pondering the thoughts of the universe. You were so cool – not trying to impress anyone, you let your faults be known. I was okay with it. It’s not like we were exclusive.

But then there was that one day after statistics class. I was frustrated, tired, annoyed with life and you were there. Waiting for me. I told you I couldn’t see you right now, I had to have time to cool off. I had to have my space for a minute. You persisted. You kept telling me you needed me and it was in that moment that I gave in.

It was like you were addicted to the weaknesses in my life. The moments where I felt anxious, upset, depressed or just lonely. You were always around when I needed you, you lived off those times.

You grew demanding. You wanted more money. You wanted more time. You wanted something that I could barely give, but did anyway. When I tried to leave you, you kept coming back. I would see you everywhere. In the neon lit convenient store down the block. In bars we used to go to. Even my porch seemed haunted by you.

I know we’re in an unhealthy relationship. I know I suck when I’m around you. But I just want to say, for all the times I said I hate you, I’ll never fully mean it. There’s always a part of me that lights up.

23 thoughts on “Dear Cigarette

  1. I can see the return letter, saying something like this: I’ve moved on. You were a great cup of coffee. But now I am with a can of beer. Hope you turn your life around. Maybe you will get together with that lump of sugar you used oogle.

  2. You are on the verge of a witty anti smoking campaign! (minus the last paragraph) Really enjoyable read, I could almost hear the soundtrack playing in my head while I read.

  3. Great post and so original! Quit smoking eons ago. Don’t regret it one bit. Tabasco sauce poured over hot popcorn did the trick for me. Of course I gained twelve pounds, but it was worth it. Scotch and water was my adult beverage of choice at that time. Have not had it since as it is a cue for me. Gin and tonic works just fine.

  4. This is enormously clever and well-written. The humor is very dry and subtle, and it’s just my cup of tea, as they say. I’m glad I followed you back here. Thanks for visiting my blog.

  5. I don’t smoke, but I know people who do, and it’s a terrible addiction. You have captured the smokers’ feelings, from what I’ve heard from them, so well and authentically. As Rockin Dad says above, this is a really witty anti-smoking advert. I’d say you keep the last two lines of the graf and then sew up the ending differently, et voila. Anyway, a fantastic story that I really admire!

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