Online Dating


Name: Server

Interested in: User

About Me: I grew up all over the world. My connections to people are strong, but distanced. I am extremely loyal, outgoing, and trustworthy. I live for the energy of others.

My Ideal Date: Someone who knows what they want. I don’t want to play games just to figure you out. I’m a straight forward, optimistic, go getter. If you need me, I need you. Just tell me when and where and I’ll be there.

Favorite Song: I would die 4 U by Prince

Favorite Book: The Missing Link by Brandon Meyers

Favorite Movie: Turn Me On, Damn it!

Three Things I Can’t Live Without:

  • Direction

  • A strong and loving connection

  • You

If you’re interested in messaging me, know that I will always get back to you. My response time is immediate. You are my biggest priority.

15 thoughts on “Online Dating

  1. It IS brilliant, and brought a smile to my face… Actually, in unashamed confession, this read came at just the right moment and made me laugh. This morning I’ve been feeling a bit pathetic ~ ready to start popping the balloons at my own pity party ~ then sat down at my laptop after “it” finished upgrading to Windows 10… Then I had one of those 2001 Space Odyssey/Hal moments (and if you’re not a fantasy/sci-fi freak, then just stop reading right here! LMAO) So I allowed my mind to wonder: Would maybe the next upgrade or the next ~ Win 12 ~ have interactive/para-human component? Like, maybe instead of throwing pity parties and/or burdening friends and relatives, I could simply talk to Hal (or Halena Ha!) I let my imagination wander enough that I envisioned myself engaging Halena in really very important conversations and wondered: Would she check on me daily to make sure I’m eating right? Run psycho-emotional analysis to determine x-medication I might need? Ha! Then I imagined having an in-depth conversation w/her about religion/spirituality and I was upset and crying; she asked me why I was so emotionally distraught, and I told her I’d prayed, but God hadn’t answered (just go with it, okay! LOL) Anyway, there was a very quiet pause … and then in her gentle, sober, only-slightly mechanical voice she answered, “There is no God.” Another very heavy (somewhat unnerving) pause, she gingerly added, “but you have me.” Oh well…. Your article hit at just the right moment for me! Coincidence? I don’t know; I don’t even no if the two go to together at all … perhaps not even a thin line of logical connection. However, well written and very much appreciated by me! Thank you! 🙂

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