22 thoughts on “The Receipts

  1. Very clever and original indeed. What you’ve essentially done is created a set of visual tableaux, both literal and figurative, with the receipts: on the one hand, we have the physical object (which is an image in itself), and on the other, the mental image that the details of each receipt evokes in our mind.

    The beauty of this second image and its relation to the other images in the sequence is that it’s rather vague: as authorwilliammangieri says, it takes a little ‘detective work’ to build a story out of the evidence you’ve presented, and the trap (as in any attempt to infer logical relations in any set of discreet pieces of evidence) is that the inference each reader makes is ‘wrong’ with respect to what actually happened, or at least ‘different’. I don’t say that as a criticism; rather, I think it’s a mark of sophistication in your ‘assemblage’ of the evidence of the story that it allows for these multiple interpretations. Well done.

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