The Sentencing


the sentence2


Curled into tiny shapes and growing. Animal letters stretch carefully as not to be seen. Peering small sized and waiting. It takes a bent neck to notice. “Closer” they say – seeping further into the page. “My body of paper is eating us up. Is it cannibalism?” Still they stay.

These words weren’t always this small, but before the big, they just were. Limping on a question too old to hold: Can anyone read what I’m saying?

And when nobody could, they grew impatient with rage until the question split in half. HOW CAN YOU NOT SEE ALL OF THIS? They jumped into space. IS ENTITLEMENT NOT DESERVED?

But when one page’s letters became the volume of another, their meaning became the same. I HAVE SOMETHING TO SAY. Said one sentence to the next, but nobody paid attention. I NEED TO PICK UP TOOTHPASTE, SPONGES AND SEEDLESS GRAPES. Another sentence took over.

Exclamation points were added to stand out from all the rest. HEY!! I’LL BRB!!! But they were ignored just the same. It was always besides the point.

A small period was stated and then The End. The words, at first, were devastated. But after the silence, when exclamations were forgotten, the words crept and curled. Like the pause of a tongue swallowing the “saids”, the animal letters

s t r e t c h

7 thoughts on “The Sentencing

  1. Poetry gives me anxiety because it was inculcated in me via high school literature class that it was supposed to strike an epiphany moment of “AH HA, THAT WAS BRILLIANT! THE MEANING SO DEEP!” So with every word and line I read with anxiety of “will this be the word or phrase that will be the moment of reveal and bring it all together?”

    A bit of an antithesis to that is that I’ve always loved Hip Hop, especially the metaphorical allegorical kind “she been his only one on some Mcgrady sh*t” (hint: basketball). One of the greatest poetic tales (as it pertains to Black Ghetto Life) I’ve heard in my 30 years imbibing this music, is Jay Z “Meet The Parents; maybe because the last line is that SOUL SNATCHING EPIPHANY AH HA MOMENT!

  2. Clever and creative. Thanx for providing both the transcript AND the original, hand-written piece – I kept going back and forth to see which felt more unified (it seemed to work better if I read the transcript first, and then the original.). Nice job!

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